In His Presence

In The Stillness Of His Presence

I took in a deep breath and slowly let it out again. I repeated it until I felt my heartbeat slow and once again calm embraced my body. Father, I feel Your hand on my heart. I hear You whispering to my soul, "I'm here child, I have you. Do not fear. I will carry… Continue reading In The Stillness Of His Presence


The Unconditional Love Of Forgiveness

Let's be honest with ourselves, sometimes it just feels good to be mad. At least for a little while that is. Especially when we believe we are in the right. When we feel justified to hold a grudge. We aren't about to keep our mouth shut to the injustice that's been done to us. Right?… Continue reading The Unconditional Love Of Forgiveness


December 25, Hurry, The Baby Is Coming!

Hurry, boil some water, get some towels, sheets, whatever you can find, hurry, hurry, the baby is coming! Call the doctor, get my bags. Are you ok?  Hurry, get the car, the baby is coming! We need a room, my wife is in labor, please where can we lodge?  I’m sorry there is no room… Continue reading December 25, Hurry, The Baby Is Coming!


December 24, CHRISTmas Possibility

“For nothing will be impossible with God.”  Luke 1:37 Children, they are more important to God and have a greater purpose in life than just being our children. God has a plan.In fact as we have been going through the Scriptures we have seen how God does the impossible and brings life into the world… Continue reading December 24, CHRISTmas Possibility